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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A neck discussion

In the last months, i was thinking about what pre-SWP neck it's better for our tanking needings.
Talking about end-game necks, we got three possibilities:
Brooch of Deftness, Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve, Pendant of Titans.

Let's keep Pendant last.
We can see
Brooch of Deftness has +9 hit rating and +3 expertise rating than Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve. On the other side, the real power behind this Pendant it's the buff you get on hit (Scryers: +100 expertise rating, Aldor: +100 dodge rating, 10 sec. durability, 45 sec. internal cooldown)

I read around that in a boss fight, u can avoid ALL parries after hitting 45 weapon expertise skill. So if you're Scryer, with this pendant you can hit that cap without wearing all that much expertise gear about 10 sec every minute.
We all know that parries are one of the tank worst enemies, cause of the increased boss swing time on next hit, and on bosses that can 3 shot us, that's a very nice survivability point.
More than this, having this lot of expertise, grant us a huge threat boost, so it is better than +9 hit and +3 expertise rating? For me, yes.

If you're Aldor, +100 dodge rating proc is very good as well, making this neck your choice for pure avoidance fights (get in count that dodge = no rage). Switch on
Brooch of Deftness when you don't need this much avoidance and need to TPS more.

Let's now take a look at
Pendant of Titans. Its defense and dodge and hit rating stats, makes him a nice mix of avoidance and threat item. Maybe the on equip: + 25 dodge rating is more desirable in SWP.
So what to choice? I'll say, if you can, take all of them and use the more suitable for the fight you are gonna have.

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