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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wrath incoming and last updates

With the new patch a lot of changes has taken place in the tanking duties.
As far as i (sadly) could see, threat now it's no more a problem to build, and this will easier our work in building massive threat, giving us time to spend debuffing/buffing and making dps (yeah finally we can output some damage too!).

On boss encounters i noticed i'm on 80% of the encounter time on full rage bar, spamming SS, Rev, Dev, Dev and smashing infinite Heroic Strikes with no prob.
S&B it's a sweetie every war must not miss, free SS in the face of mobs it's awesome, and Vigilance it's a nice utility to build more threat, and it's a nice buff to minimize damage if u have 2 warriors tanking that buff each other.

I'm trying 5/3/53 spec atm, and it seems working good, but i'm planning to remove Puncture and Focused Rage points to test a more defensive build since rage seems not to be a problem to manage.

Loot update: i finally manage to get my Bulwark of Azzinoth, after more then a year dreaming on it, and some other nice tanking piece like The Brutalizer, Myrmidon's Treads and my 5th T6 item, Onslaught Shoulderguards.