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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello fellas, I'm starting this blog as a joke, to share with you my tanking experience as well as our achievements or discussions about the wonderful tanking class in World of Warcraft.

Now something about my background.
I started playing pre-TBC in EU-Crushridge, a quite laggy and spammy server. After some Arms/Fury leveling without really know what i was doing, I discovered the tanking duty. Someone was teaching me about "Just spam Sunder Armor and wait for the boss to die", while i was farming my complete Valor set and was looking for fire res gear to enter MC.

Then TBC hit the stores, and a new era began.
Transfered to EU-Jaedenar, a most stable and nice realm to play.
Leveled to 70 in full protection spec (lol) and learned how to really tank, istance after istance, reputation after reputation, then started gearing for Karazhan, the first TBC raid.
Obtained cool progress in there, before the big nerf given to the place, when Moroes was still a pain to down; still remember the first Shade of Aran kill, where our GM said "Ok guys, we're killing him tonight, cause tomorrow the patch will nerf him." (lol)
After some reorganization, we started a new guild, and after some months got my first main tank spot, reaching a nice guild progress of SSC 5/6, TK 3/4, MH 3/5, BT 1/6 before our guild shutdown.
Now I'm still here, another guild, still tanking, still learning, got the opportunity to face new encounters, in this time focusing on MH and BT full clear.

Hope to put in this something useful, and hoping to get feedback from all of you, threatbuilders all around the globe :)


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