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Friday, August 8, 2008

BT report

Cleared all remaining bosses in there till Illidan himself.
After a bad experience with the Flames of Azzinoth two weeks ago, I experienced my first Illidan tanking.
Things went pretty well, I managed to avoid all incoming Shear with no much problem, got only the first one and with a lucky combination of avoidance and healing managed to stay alive :)
By the way got only time for a couple of tries, and a Flame accident, and a Demon phase accident, made this encounter to be moved to next raid.

So my wildest wet dreams of about 1 year about tanking Illidan myself finally became reality, and the emotion was pretty intense. No loot to mention this time too. Bad luck keep breathing on my neck :)


Anonymous said...

world first illidan kill with 300 tps from tank!

nah just joking.
tanking illidan is probably the most fun encounter to tank in WoW, glad u enjoyed.

- yoi

Anachron said...

Yeah, got it down last night, on the enrage phase, I was litterally punching the keyboards, only looking for enrage and shears, not bothering quite much about correct skills rotation ("Failure is not an option.") xD

p.s. 1000+ sustained tps on him in some tries xD
found out that he fills my ragebar with no probs at all xD